Separate & Track Your Spending

Pockets let you easily separate, spend and track money.

You add money to them, pay people & businesses like your normally do.

No more writing down expenses on paper, excel or using multiple mobile,bank accounts.

Sample Pockets

Side Hustle

What I spend to make my side hustle work

House Shopping

What I spend on food, groceries.

Rent & Bills

What I spend on rent, security, garbage, electricity, water and internet.

Chicken Project

What I spend and earn from my chicken business

Free Cash

money I can spend freely on anything I want


What I spend when I go out for some entertainment.

What are Pockets?

In a house there are different rooms with different uses to keep things organized and separate.

Pockets do the same for your money; you use Pockets to separate your money for different uses within Saida.

Pockets can receive money and make payments to people and businesses.

You'll stop mixing your personal money with your projects or side hustles money.

Types of Pockets



What can you expect from Pockets?

You can make payments directly from Pockets and see a useful analysis of your spending



What pockets will you create?

Here are some examples

Chicken Farming

Ksh 80,000

My House

Ksh 9,000

Construction Project

Ksh 500,000


Ksh 20,000


Ksh 6,000

Birthday Weekend

Ksh 10,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently-asked Questions. You can also email us at at [email protected]

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